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It is estimated that up to 80 percent of Tanzania’s rural population relies on the use of natural resources to sustain a livelihood, which makes stewardship of these resources a fundamental priority for Tanzania’s continued stability and growth. Given the intrinsic link between the environment and sustainable development, conservation must maintain equilibrium between human and ecosystem needs.

Recognizing that the drivers of poverty and biodiversity loss are linked, there is a need to improve environmental governance and management at a landscape scale, including building communities’ capacity to sustainably manage their natural resources. Our strategy involves developing and implementing key national environmental policies while supporting community-based conservation initiatives.

Who We Are​

Tanzania Conservation and Community Empowerment Initiative (TACCEI) is a registered non-profit organization working to empower marginalized indigenous people and ensure that both communities and wildlife thrive together.We achieve this by:

Supporting communities

find ways to sustainably manage and benefit from their wildlife and other natural resources


natural resource governance to enable collective decision making


marginalized groups so that they can play a greater role in their communities

To promote nature conservation and community livelihoods through education, sustainable agricultural practices and community – based conservation.

We envision being a leading model in promoting nature conservation and ensuring a healthy, educated and gender-balanced Tanzanian community.

Our Core Values

Driven by our deep love for people and wildlife, we believe that inspired, empowered and involved communities change the world. This gives us an opportunity to live in our core values that are:


Each of us is responsible for our words, our actions, and our results


We value everyone and treat people with dignity and professionalism.


We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships.


We achieve more when we collaborate and all work together.

Long-Term View

We look beyond the present to deliver future value for our people and wildlife.


At TACCEI, we operate on a small budget with very low overheads, compared to many other, larger NGOs. We are dependent on grants from other organizations and on the generosity of private individuals. Any kind of donation, large or small, will contribute directly to the conservation of Tanzania’s wildlife and the livelihoods of the surrounding communities.

Our Approach

TACCEI works with local communities to develop holistic landscape project plans that are focused on the socio-ecological regeneration of degraded areas. We combine ecosystem restoration with ecotourism, regenerative agriculture and scaling up nature-based solutions in Tanzania. In that way we create local ownership and engagement to ensure long term sustainability of projects

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P.O Box 9596, Tel: +255 743 641 176

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Terrat village, Simanjiro – Tanzania.

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