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Who We Are

We’re legally registered nonprofit organization dedicated to natural resource management, education and community empowerment. We work with a range of partners and stakeholders to support the efforts made by the government of Tanzania towards natural resource management and community empowerment.

What We Do

At TACCEI, we believe that change is driven by communities taking ownership of their future and shaping it in their vision, our work focuses on:


Tanzania’s wildlife faces unprecedented level of threats from loss and fragmentation of habitat, poaching, hunting, climate change, and population growth. 


We work with local communities to increase their capacity to develop sustainable livelihood options that reduce poverty and conserve biodiversity. 


In Maasai Community, high level of illiteracy as a result of limited access to education, especially for women and girls, presents a serious obstacle to community growth.


Education Projects

Jitolee Education Project

Since 2007, enrolment of primary school-aged children has been dropping. An estimated 2 million children between the ages of 7 and 13 years are out-of-school.

Wildlife Conservation Projects

Conservation education project

Long-term change can best be achieved through accelerating change in people’s attitudes towards wildlife. Conservation education is in that way an essential part of field conservation projects.

Community Empowerment

Maximize rural production through empowering smallholder farmers in Tanzania

The application of ecological principles and concepts at the smallholder farming level is very effective in creating a complete (balanced) agro-ecosystem on agricultural farms

Supporting people with disabilities

Tuwaibue Project

Our project aims to achieve two main objectives;

1). Attitude change among the Maasai community towards PWDs; and

2). to create an empowered community of PWDs economically, socially and politically.

To learn more about our work, we're inviting you to watch this short documentary about our women empowerment project in the Maasai community in rural Tanzania.


Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023

In 2023, we continued our mission to conserve Tanzania’s unique wildlife and ecosystems while empowering local communities to thrive. Our latest annual report highlights our achievements in the past year, showcasing…

Empowering Tanzania: The Impact of Volunteering with TACCEI!

Empowering Tanzania: The Impact of Volunteering with TACCEI!

Empowering Tanzania: The Impact of Volunteering with TACCEI! Dear Friend and Supporter,We are glad to share with you our latest blog which highlights the important role that volunteers play here at…

2023 Rewind: TACCEI’s Year of Making a Difference!

2023 Rewind: TACCEI’s Year of Making a Difference!

2023 Rewind: TACCEI’s Year of Making a Difference! Dear Friend and Supporter As we embrace the new year, TACCEI looks back on the achievements, partnerships, and community initiatives that defined our…


At TACCEI, we operate on a small budget with very low overheads, compared to many other, larger
NGOs. We depend on grants from other organizations and on the generosity of private individuals.
Any donation, large or small, will contribute directly to the conservation of Tanzania’s wildlife and
the livelihoods of the surrounding communities.
To support our work, the easiest way is through a direct donation. Don’t forget to include your email
address as a reference when making the bank transfer: you will be kept up to date on news and
project developments.

Get In Touch

For more information about TACCEI and our projects, 

Please contact us:

P.O Box 9596, Tel: +255 743 641 176

Email: info@taccei.org
Terrat village, Simanjiro – Tanzania.

Our Partners