Board Members


Ole Taiwap holds a bachelor in community and development studies from
Ardhi University in Tanzania. He is an ambitious and enthusiastic person with
a proven ability to perform well individually and in a group. Over the years,
Ole Taiwap has developed a strong research and analytical skills through
dissertation, researches and consultancies. His experience is well grounded in
field activities through designing, planning, implementing, monitoring and
evaluating. Over the years, he worked with a number of organizations at
supervisory level for field work activities like research, baseline information
collection and evaluation of data. Such organizations include among others
Ujamaa-Community Resource Team (UCRT), Tanzania Widows
Associations (TAWIA), Read International Organization and Tanzania Red
Cross Society. Ole Taiwap is always passionate about learning and expanding
knowledge. At TACCEI, Ole Taiwap brings in his vast experience in
community development as well as passion for leadership.


Ole Yamat is a Climate Change and Pastoralism Economist, with a wide
experience on the Tanzanian pastoral civil society including the conservation
organizations. His research expertise is on the sustainability of African land
uses with focus on livestock, crops and wildlife economies. He is currently a
sustainability researcher with the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3)
based in Spain. Yamat holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from
Mzumbe University (Tanzania) and a Master’s degree of Science in Climate
Change and Sustainable Development from the University of Dar es Salaam
(Tanzania). He is currently completing his PhD at the University of the
Basque Country in Spain.


Esther is a teacher, researcher and language translator/interpreter. She holds
a bachelor of education majoring in English and kiswahili from the
University of Arusha in Tanzania.
She has worked as a language translator/interpreter with various
organizations including the Associated College of Mid-West (ACM) USA
Chicago. In this role, she was mainly tasked with translating research
questionnaires and other documents from English to Maasai language and
back. Furthermore, Esther worked as a trainer and translator with Mama
Power Project and The Project for the love of Africa society (FTLOA) a
foundation in Canada.
Currently, Esther is a primary school Teacher in Tabora Region employed
by the government of Tanzania. She brings in a rich experience of
community service into TACCEI’s board of directors.


Penet is originally from the village of Terrat in Simanjiro. He’s passionate
about his community and he represents the Maasai community’s issues at
TACCEI’s board.


Jos hails from Valkenburg in the southern part of the Netherlands. He served
for a long time as a physical education and sports teacher from 1968 to 2008.
He’s a global citizen, founder, and father of the Stitching Global Exploration
(SGE). He’s currently a chairman of the World Citizenship Foundation in
Valkenburg. A father to Alexandra, Mervyn, and Elyze and a grandfather to
Chaska, Lara, Helena, Nina, Tycho and Elsa.
Jos is always inspired by his own slogan: Together One World”


For over 30 years, Elz has been working as a pediatric nurse for children
with disabilities, a job that she still enjoys very much. While working in a
rehabilitation clinic and school in 2013, Elz was asked to travel to Tanzania
with a group of students with disabilities. She was impressed by the beauty
of the country and the kindness of the people. In 2019, she traveled to
Tanzania again. Since then, Elz has kept in touch with Justin and Herison
and together with them, she was able to help some disabled people to get the
care they need. In her free time, Els enjoys walking her dog, reading and
cooking. I’m so honored to serve on TACCEI’s Advisory Board and I look
forward to help fulfilling the TACCEI’s mission and vision.


Nadine lives and works in the Netherlands. Professionally Nadine was
trained as a teacher of English. She also holds a masters degree in
Educational studies. For 14 years Nadine taught special needs students and
in the last seven years, she has been teaching at a new secondary school in
the Netherlands. Nadine’s students are the reason she came into contact with
Global exploration. Through projects of global citizenship, Nadine and her
students visited Tanzania several times. Since then, Tanzania has become
like her second home because of the culture, its friendly people and its
beauty. Through this position, I hope I can help and use my experience in
education to assist with achieving the organization’s goals. Together we are