Who We Are

Tanzania Conservation and Community Empowerment Initiative (TACCEI) is a registered non-profit organization working to empower marginalized indigenous people and ensure that both communities and wildlife thrive together.

We achieve this by:

Supporting communities

find ways to sustainably manage and benefit from their wildlife and other natural resources


natural resource governance to enable collective decision making


marginalized groups so that they can play a greater role in their communities

At TACCEI, we believe that change is driven by communities taking ownership of their future and shaping it in their vision. 

We work with communities across four program areas community empowerment and development, education, human-wildlife conflict prevention, and wildlife & habitat protection. 

Also, we work with a range of partners to support the efforts made by the government of Tanzania towards natural resource management and community empowerment. Furthermore, we provide conservation education and outreach programs to local communities (school children) living adjacent to Protected Areas such as opportunities to visit Protected Areas to learn about wildlife and conservation.