Education And Gender Based Violence​

In Maasai Community, high level of illiteracy as a result of limited access to education, especially for women and girls, presents a serious obstacle to community growth and development. As a result, many families still send only boys to school, keeping girls at home to help with housework, agriculture, and looking after other siblings.

UNICEF and others have shown that educating girls not only helps them to become financially independent in the future, but also leads to decreases in maternal and infant mortality. Educated mothers are more likely to share good hygiene and health practices with their families and communities, and they are more likely to send their own daughters to school.



TACCEI works with local communities to develop holistic landscape project plans that are focused on the socio-ecological regeneration of degraded areas. We combine ecosystem restoration with ecotourism, regenerative agriculture and scaling up nature-based solutions in Tanzania. In that way we create local ownership and engagement to ensure long term sustainability of projects.

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