Jitolee Education Project 

Since 2007, enrolment of primary school-aged children has been dropping. An estimated 2 million children between the ages of 7 and 13 years are out-of-school. Almost 70 per cent of children aged 14–17 years are not enrolled in secondary education while a mere 3.2 per cent are enrolled for the final two years of schooling. Furthermore, access to pre-primary education is very low and the poor quality of education dampens children’s prospects of a productive future. The pupil-to-qualified-teacher ratio at pre-primary level is 131:1. This ratio is 169:1 in public pre-primary school compared to 24:1 in private schools. Most children, especially those in rural areas, enter primary school poorly prepared due to the lack of access to early stimulation, poor nutrition and the low quality of pre-primary education. On other hands, high graduate

unemployment problem in Tanzania has adverse long-term consequences for young people and society at large, including higher risk of future unemployment, prolonged periods of job instability and depressed income growth. 

Through this project, TACCEI empowers Tanzanian graduates and other volunteers from across the world to contribute their time and skills teaching public school students (both secondary and primary schools) in underserved rural communities in Simanjiro district. By investing in volunteer teachers, TACCEI believes to further improve public education systems while contributing to career building to many rural unemployed graduates. TACCEI calls for volunteer opportunities and carefully selects the most competent teachers to be placed in schools in need. 

Project objectives

  • To increase access to basic educational services in targeted under-served areas (especially for girls) in Tanzania. 
  • To create employment opportunities for young graduates from targeted under-served areas in rural Tanzania, and
  • To increase sector efficiency and school effectiveness.
  1. Activities / contents
    • To employ part time young graduate teachers and place them in needy rural schools for a duration of one year
    • studies and counseling for the adjustment of educational curricula,
    • Studies and counseling for the improvement of girls’ enrolment in Maasai community.

  2. Expected outcomes / impacts

    The project will set the stage for universal primary education in addition to the following immediate benefits:
    • primary school enrolment will increase significantly with a substantial increase in the attendance of girls,
    • primary school children in the targeted areas will receive better quality education, and
    • Student performance in national examinations will be highly achieved 

You can support our project by helping us place unemployed graduate teacher to a school that needs teaching assistantship in our rural communities, contact us now for more information and how you can help. Asante.


At TACCEI, we operate on a small budget with very low overheads, compared to many other, larger NGOs. We are dependent on grants from other organizations and on the generosity of private individuals. Any kind of donation, large or small, will contribute directly to the conservation of Tanzania’s wildlife and the livelihoods of the surrounding communities.

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