Empowering Tanzania: The Impact of Volunteering with TACCEI!
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We are glad to share with you our latest blog which highlights the important role that volunteers play here at TACCEI and to the community we support. On this blog, we’re highlighting two wonderful volunteers; Cosima and Camiel both from the Netherlands who spent two weeks with us.

In the vibrant heart of Tanzania, the spirit and dedication of volunteers like Cosima and Camiel from the Netherlands are the foundation of TACCEI’s continued success. Bringing unique perspectives and skills, volunteers contribute to the rich tapestry of our work, creating ripples of change across Tanzanian communities and ecosystems. Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with Cosima and Camiel, who shared their experiences and the memorable moments that define the impact of volunteering with TACCEI.

Camiel & Cosima volunteering at the Maasai Boma
Question & Answers.

Qn: What motivated you to become a TACCEI volunteer?

Cosima: “Our motivation to volunteer with TACCEI was about making a deeper connection with the local Tanzanian community, to understand their way of life, and hopefully, make a positive impact.”

Camiel: “Having volunteered before, I’ve seen firsthand how such experiences can be fulfilling. I was motivated to bring that enthusiasm to TACCEI’s mission.”

Qn: What projects did you work on, and what impact do you feel your work had?

Camiel: “Leading computer training sessions was our primary focus, aiming to equip the TACCEI staff with essential skills. We hope this has fostered greater efficiency and self-sufficiency within the team.”

Cosima: “Exploring the scope of TACCEI’s initiatives — from educational outreach to agricultural support — gave us a comprehensive perspective of the organization’s impact.”

Qn: Can you share a memorable experience from your time volunteering with TACCEI?

Camiel: “A standout moment was definitely the football game with the students. It wasn’t just a game; it was about cultural exchange and building friendships.”

Cosima: “Engaging with the students, answering their challenging questions, showed us their eagerness to learn and address real-world issues.”

Qn: What have you learned from your time with TACCEI that you think is valuable for future volunteers?

Cosima: “What TACCEI teaches you is the balance of working for environmental goals while also uplifting and working alongside the community. It’s a comprehensive approach that I find incredibly effective.”

Camiel: “The contrast between life here and back home in Amsterdam is striking. There’s a richness in the simplicity here, a closeness to nature and community that’s very inspiring.”

Reflecting on Cosima and Camiel’s journey, their stories underscore the vital role volunteers play at TACCEI. 

“Volunteers like Cosima and Camiel are the heartbeat of TACCEI, driving our mission forward and making a real difference in our communities and conservation efforts,” says TACCEI’s Founder and Director, Justin Roberts.

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Inspired by their experiences? Learn more about our volunteer program by visiting our volunteer page or contacting us at info@taccei.org, and embark on your volunteer journey, contributing to environmental preservation and community empowerment in Tanzania.


As always, we thank all our partners and sponsors for their generous and committed support.