Mitigation of Gender-based violence

Statistics show that In Tanzania, 40% of all women aged 15-49 years have experienced physical violence, while 17% have experienced sexual violence. Of women aged 15-49, 44% have experienced either physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner. Spousal violence prevalence is highest in rural areas, averaging 52% while the prevalence in urban areas averages 45%. Almost 30% of girls experience sexual violence before the age of 18. Our programs focus on increasing investments towards capacity strengthening of systems, structures, and mechanisms across sectors including justice sector, health sector, and social welfare sector. Also, we work on changing social norms that perpetuate the under-reporting of GBV by promoting help-seeking behaviors among the victims in the community level to ensure survivor-centered approaches to GBV as well as supporting the development of a national system to monitor the quality and sustainability of service provision in rural areas to enable an expansion of access to care for under-served populations. Contact us now to learn more about how you can support our GBV program.