Wildlife Conservation

Tanzania’s wildlife faces unprecedented level of threats from loss and fragmentation of habitat, poaching, hunting, climate change, and population growth. There has been a steep generational decline to a vast number of species of fauna and flora, and the IUCN Red List demonstrates that many are vulnerable to extinction, including some of the continent’s most iconic species. 

TACCEI works to protect Africa’s endangered wildlife and their habitats by tackling the root causes of biodiversity loss. Our conservation work is grounded in the following objectives: 


Our research focuses on monitoring of Africa’s endangered species and their habitats using innovative technologies such as GPS, camera traps and satellite data.

Field Conservation

We develop, conduct and assist on-the-ground wildlife and habitat conservation projects in Tanzania

Conservation Education

We develop conservation education curricula that are tailor-made to the current generation and use it to educating schoolchildren, training teachers, and serving as an educational resource for the general public in Tanzania.