Education Projects

Jitolee Education Project

Since 2007, enrolment of primary school-aged children has been dropping. An estimated 2 million children between the ages of 7 and 13 years are out-of-school.

Wildlife Conservation Projects

Conservation education project

Long-term change can best be achieved through accelerating change in people’s attitudes towards wildlife. Conservation education is in that way an essential part of field conservation projects.

Community Empowerment

Maximize rural production through empowering smallholder farmers in Tanzania

The application of ecological principles and concepts at the smallholder farming level is very effective in creating a complete (balanced) agro-ecosystem on agricultural farms, leading to increased biodiversity on farms and landscapes, enhancement of ecosystem services, mitigation of degradation and adapting/mitigating climate change shocks and stresses.

Supporting people with disabilities

Tuwaibue Project

Our project aims to achieve two main objectives;

1). Attitude change among the Maasai community towards PWDs; and

2). to create an empowered community of PWDs economically, socially and politically.

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