What We Do

At TACCEI, we believe that change is driven by communities taking ownership of their future
and shape it in their own vision. Guided by this belief, we focus our work on the following areas:


TACCEI works to protect Tanzania’s vast biodiversity through community-centred initiatives. Our work includes scientific research, field conservation and environmental education.


We work with our communities to increase their capacity to develop sustainable livelihood options that reduce poverty and conserve biodiversity.

Education Support

Limited access to Education leads to high level of illiteracy, a serious obstacle to community growth and development. Our program supports children from low income households, raise awareness to the community and improve learning environment including classrooms, toilets and desks for public schools in rural Tanzania.

Mitigation Of Gender Based Violence

Our programs focus on changing social norms that perpetuate the severity of GBV in our communities. Through education, empowerment and mentorship for girls and women, TACCEI is taking action to end violence against women and girls in Tanzania.

Climate Change

Our climate change resilience and adaptation program helps reduce the vulnerability of small holder farmers and pastoralists to increased climatic uncertainties. Our focus is on diversifying livelihoods to reduce risks, improving agricultural techniques and
strengthening community-based natural resource management (CBNRM).

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Supporting people With Disabilities

In Tanzania and across the world, stereotypes, prejudice and stigma contribute to the discrimination and exclusion experienced by PWDs.
At TACCEI, we’re working to change community perception as well as support PWDs through education, health, food and other social needs.

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